Set up in 2006, Friends of China Labour Bulletin (FCLB) is a U.S. registered nonprofit corporation. Its mission is to seek the realization in China of international standards and conventions on workers’ freedom of association and the right to free collective bargaining, and to encourage effective enforcement of the country’s own labor laws.

To advance these causes, FCLB seeks funds to support specific programs carried out by China Labour Bulletin (CLB). CLB is a non-government organization based in Hong Kong, founded in 1994 by labor activist Han Dongfang to promote labor rights in China. It monitors labor rights violations, conducts in-depth research, provides legal advice and assistance to workers and facilitates collective bargaining by providing training and education. With extensive links to labor groups and law firms within China, CLB has been running the country’s largest labor rights litigation program. To understand more of CLB’s work, go to the bilingual website.

CLB depends entirely on financial donations from organizations and individuals. FCLB organizes fund raising activities to help CLB to continue its programs. FCLB is dedicated to raise public awareness of labor rights issues in China, by meeting agencies and individuals, delivering talks and seminars to private, governmental and educational institutions, and creating a network to monitor labor rights issues in China.